College Tours

College-bound students experience multiple campuses to increase awareness and enhance their exploration process. Campus visits effectively provide an educational experience and information not found in brochures online. Students make one of the most important decisions of their lives and understand each college’s mission and atmosphere while interacting on campus.

Middle School Introduction Trips

Middle School students can combine a visit to an vibrant college campus along with their cultural and historical trip. Younger students will get exited about going to college and see where historical leaders began their university journeys. Motivating middle school students to expand their vision makes college visits an incredible opportunity.

High School college visits

Turn applying to college into a rewarding and amazing experience. Expert admission counselors, guidance counselors and staff guide each trip through multiple experiences as each student has a first hand look and experiences college life. Take the stress out of college admissions and watch students flourish on a campus visit.

Leadership and college-bound trips

Each student can explore the thrill of going to college and reaching new personal and educational goals. Each program exposes students to college life beyond their home city, cultural immersion, local activities, and a new awareness of the surrounding community. GLR and our leaders have specialized in bringing the possibilities of undergraduate education to life for every student. Students will be inspired to follow their dreams.